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height 19 cm 7.5 in

width ∅ 35 cm 13.8 in

opening ∅ 23 cm 9.1 in

weight 4.5 kg 9.9 lb

Specifications image


height 23 cm 9.1 in

width ∅ 30 cm 11.8 in

opening ∅ 17 cm 6.7 in

weight 4.5 kg 9.9 lb

Specifications image


height 30 cm 11.8 in

width ∅ 34 cm 13.4 in

opening ∅ 23 cm 9.1 in

weight 6.5 kg 14.3 lb

Specifications image


height 35 cm 13.8 in

width ∅ 32 cm 12.6 in

opening ∅ 18 cm 7.1 in

weight 7.5 kg 16.5 lb

Moon Grey | MGR


In the realm of design, where every curve speaks and every line has a purpose, emerges the MUDA collection by Vincent Van Duysen. Inspired by a Japanese ethos, the collection is an ode to the beauty of purposeful form and the art of eliminating the unnecessary.

The raku technique, a storied art form with its origins in ancient Japanese pottery, imparts a profound depth of character to the collection. Each piece undergoes a transformative firing process, where the flames and smoke dance across the surface, leaving behind a palette of smoky hues that range from deep charcoal to soft, dusky grey. Subtle iridescent strokes may also appear, gifting the surface with a mysterious, ethereal sheen. This naked raku finish, unadorned and unglazed, celebrates the
raw essence of the clay.

Capturing this essence, Van Duysen states: “Design for me is about evoking emotions and crafting interpretations, drawing from a well of memories. I rely on my visual instincts, letting intuition shape the narrative of each creation.”

This philosophy is embodied in the MUDA collection, where each planter, available in a quartet of sizes, is an exploration of shape that draws the eye and compels touch. Van Duysen has infused the series with serene, simple forms that inspire interaction and linger in the observer’s experience. Designed to be appreciated both as singular statements and as a collective arrangement, they bring a tactile richness to any space, celebrating the perfectly imperfect.

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