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height 27 cm 10.6 in

width ∅ 80 cm 31.5 in

opening ∅ 73 cm 28.7 in

weight 43 kg 94.8 lb

Specifications image


height 39 cm 15.4 in

width ∅ 80 cm 31.5 in

opening ∅ 48 cm 18.9 in

weight 50 kg 110.2 lb

Specifications image


height 60 cm 23.6 in

width ∅ 80 cm 31.5 in

opening ∅ 45 cm 17.7 in

weight 70 kg 154.3 lb

Rhino Grey | RH

Camel | CAM

Sahara Red | SR

Slate | SL

Nagori by Studio KO

The Nagori collection, by Studio KO for Domani, draws from the Japanese concept of ‘nagori’, a term rich with the essence of fleeting moments, as captured by poet Ryoko Sekiguchi. This core concept, which conveys the lingering feeling left behind by past seasons, is delicately integrated throughout the collection.

Inspired by a two-fold perspective on time – where one path reflects the linear journey from birth to death and the other celebrates the cyclical nature of seasons and renewal – Studio KO’s work embodies this balance. Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty, the founding duo of Studio KO, articulate this balance as the core of their design philosophy: “Influenced by the dual aspects of time, our works seek to express this delicate equilibrium, engaging with both the circular and the linear. In the Nagori collection, we invite the observer to reflect on the beauty of moments passing and the continuity of life.”

Bridging the ephemeral with the eternal, the collection of planters expresses a sense of lightness and simplicity. Crafted directly from the earth, the texture of these planters is a homage to the raw, untouched beauty of the natural world. Their colours, inspired by the earth, range from deep, fertile browns to the pale shades of sun-bleached soil. Available in three sizes and four colours, the Nagori collection is designed to inspire a seamless convergence with the living world. Each piece becomes a sanctuary in which life can flourish, accentuating the seasonal beauty of growth and decay – the eternal dance of nature. In embracing the imperfect, the Nagori collection is a tribute to the beauty of the fleeting, and the everlasting impact of moments captured in time.

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