Our admiration for zinc stems from its natural beauty. As it weathers, this smooth and shiny metal develops an attractive dappled patina. When zinc is exposed to humidity, natural oxidation occurs and it forms its own protective armour. As time passes, nature and the environment slowly adorn zinc with a unique and ever-evolving finish.


Since the beginning of time, zinc has been used to conceive ornate, decorative and useful objects through delicate craftsmanship. Practical uses of zinc can be traced back to ancient Greece, where variants of the supple metal were used to fabricate lightweight yet strong objects. Zinc is a highly sustainable choice. Refining it takes less energy than is needed by many other metals, and it is almost entirely recyclable.

The zinc used for Domani’s pots contains titanium, which adds to its inherent high resistance to corrosion. This unique composition ensures that our zinc products have the ability to self-heal. The malleable characteristics of zinc lay the foundation for the way we form and finish the pots to a very exacting standard with strong and consistent joins.