6 May 2022

Presenting Melides

We are proud to introduce the Melides collection, which marks the first collaboration between Domani and acclaimed Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen.

The new Melides collection comprises a series of planters featuring soft organic shapes, tactile textures and subtle colour tones. It marries Van Duysen’s sensorial and sensual expression with the handmade craftsmanship that Domani is known for.

Delicate yet robust, traditional yet contemporary, the Melides collection of planters comes from an initial idea of a simple shape in Van Duysen’s mind. The shape curves gently, creating a form that bears reference to nature. Its exterior, treated as if it were a skin, is given an eroded, textured character that mirrors its source of inspiration:
Melides, a rugged Portuguese coastal stretch abundant with nature.

The Melides collection comes in four colour tones and is available in four sizes.